What is Huugeli.Net?

Huugeli.net is a network community that host's gaming teams like Elementia. Elementia has over 250 players + staff + champions team. Huugeli.net is a minecraft server too!

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Play on our minecraft server to make sure you have a good time! We have custom plugins, custom enchaments and everything that a faction server needs! Play.Huugeli.Net (Minecraft 1.8.8)

Social Media

Huugeli (Owner of Elementia and huugeli.net) has some social medias! Follow them for information & giveaways! Click the menu icon for links!


Our merchandise is stunning and cool

to wear. Prices starting at 5.00eur/usd!


More of Awesomeness!

A small taste of the fun that awaits.

  • Arm UP

    Slay your enemies with our Custom Spells and Wepons

  • Active staff

    Hackers & rulebreakers will be eliminated in no-time! Our powerful administration team will handle everything!

  • Cool Community

    Make new friends as you join factions and team up with truces and allies, Join our Discord and talk with the comunity and staff.

  • Raid

    SplitYour enemies bases with our custom tnt and Creepers

What are you waiting for?

Join Our server today!